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big ben clock in London, England
wall clock Functioning in our modern day world requires us to be acutely aware of time.  Clocks were modernized in the 1920s with the advent of the quartz crystal-based clock and then digitized in 1956.  Today, time telling devices exist in many forms, such as alarm clocks, desk clocks, computer clocks, and wrist watches; and the art of timekeeping is also preserved today in several traditional clock styles.  One of these is the wall clock.

A wall clock is not only functional for telling time, but it can also be a decorative accessory or a stylish focal point in a room.  It can be as drab and plain as the clock in fifth-period algebra class, or it can be as elaborate as a hand carved cuckoo clock.  Many clocks are fashioned from rare and expensive woods, manufactured from brass or iron, or even made from unusual objects.  This wide variety of clock styles and sizes will complement virtually any home or office decorating scheme and provide an interesting way to express something about its owner.

wood clock on paneled wall Modern wall clocks often have quartz movements that are energized by battery power, whereas traditional wall clocks may have beautiful wood cases with weight and pendulum driven mechanical movements.  Utility wall clocks, designed for school or office use, are fairly inexpensive and are usually designed for 120 volt AC power.

Some of the most decorative wall clocks are found outdoors, on the outdoor walls of clock towers, church steeples, and even homes.  London's Big Ben and Munich's Marienplatz clock are two noted outdoor wall clock examples.

outdoor clock on Swiss clock tower wall You can find a wall clock to suit virtually any space and personality from classic to whimsical, antique to modern.  WallClocks.us features convenient access to online wall clock shops as well as clock manufacturers and timekeeping resources.

If you are looking for a decorative wall clock, why not consider a cuckoo clock?  These traditional Black Forest clocks may be designed to hang on a wall or to sit on a mantel.  If accurate time is your concern, a radio controlled clock, whose time is synchronized with the NIST atomic clock, may be your solution.

Wall Clock Manufacturers

  • Howard Miller
    This Michigan clock maker, founded in 1926, designs and manufactures fine clocks and collector cabinets.
  • Bulova Clocks
    This venerable New York firm is a designer and manufacturer of fine watches and clocks.
  • Klockit
    This Wisconsin-based firm supplies clockmakers with a wide array of clock parts and clock movements.
  • Infinity Instruments Wall Clocks
    This Wisconsin manufacturer offers a broad spectrum of clocks, wall decor products, and weather instruments.
  • Uttermost Wall Clocks
    Offers an extensive line of wall clock styles that will complement virtually any home decorating theme.
  • Chicago Lighthouse
    This not-for-profit agency offers a selection of precision wall clocks, primarily for commercial and government clients.

Horological Resources

    The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.
  • American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute
    International organization dedicated to preserving and promoting high standards of workmanship in the horological crafts.

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